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    A cult name since 1960, Bron'Express offers a range of natural self-tanners with immediate results thanks to its tinted formulas. With no streaks and long-lasting hold, the products deliver a delicate, sun-kissed complexion for a natural effect.


    To ensure healthy skin, we've created CLEAN. Concentrated in ingredients of natural origin, this line of skincare products with Cornflower Water is the first step in committed beauty care. Complementary to regular daytime skin care, make-up removal not only eliminates make-up, but also all impurities linked in particular to pollution.


    Derm Acte offers real expert solutions to use in a cure or preventively. Each product is formulated with an ultra-powerful ingredient, inspired by the medical world, allowing to get results and providing efficiency on the skin.

    At the heart of the formulas, vectors able to reach their target with precision will gradually distil true concentrates of technology. These very special carriers will bring the skin all the ingredients that it needs.


    Hydraderm products use natural ingredients for a 3-step hydration, with a star ingredient being the apple. Two different forms of apple are used in each product thanks to a partnership with a French industrial company. The Original Apple Water, obtained by flash distillation, makes up the majority of the formula and has perfect bio-affinity with the skin.


    Porcelain flower, originating from East Asia and Australia, is the star ingredient of the HYPO-SENSIBLE range. Rich in biopeptides, it helps to rebalance the skin's microbiota, helps to strengthen mechanical barriers and brings radiance to the complexion. Try our HYPO-SENSIBLE products to protect and replenish your sensitive skin.


    Our skincare treatments and solutions are science-based and promote healthy, nourished, and beautiful skin. Discover the perfect blend of hydration, protection, and repair with our clinically proven high-performance moisturizers.

  • PURE

    Range of products specially designed for oily skin with imperfections. The Académie Scientifique de Beauté laboratories have created effective products to help reduce skin imperfections while respecting the skin barrier and leaving the skin soothed and hydrated.


    Apricot is a star ingredient rich in vitamins that boosts the face and enhances radiance. The RADIANCE line with apricot extract strengthens skin's defenses against daily aggressions and has a light, velvety texture with a fresh apricot fragrance, giving skin a new splendour. 


    Iris Extract, enriched with iris isoflavones, is a star ingredient in the Age Recovery line that helps correct the signs of skin aging. It helps to reduce fine lines, increases skin's tonicity and improves the barrier fonction.


    Our 5 sensory travel collections take you on an olfactory, sensory, and visual journey. To maintain firm and toned skin, take care of your body as well as your face. Cleansing daily is important, but the body also needs to be exfoliated several times a week. Our specially formulated body scrub is the first step in taking care of your skin's beauty.

  • TIME+

    A range created for mature skin with liquorice extract, Glabridine, aimed at women over 60. It helps the skin regain density and brings back the natural rosy radiance of the complexion. Time+ skin care products contain natural ingredients that help to improve skin density, provide pleasure and comfort, and improve skin strength and vitality.


    The Cherry Blossom from France is a rich source of flavonoids, which are known for their ability to protect against oxidation, solar radiation, and blue light. These compounds help fight free radicals that accelerate the aging of tissues and cells.


    Chicory Extract and Tara Gum form a complex rich in provitamin A, vitamin B and C, minerals and amino acids. Tara Gum provides a tightening effect on the surface of the skin, resulting in an immediate and long-term lifting effect.


    Sea buckthorn extract is a regenerating star ingredient rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that supports key skin functions and densifies and radiates skin. Académie Scientifique de Beauté's Youth Repair line with nature-derived ingredients helps repair epigenetic skin damage and delay signs of aging.

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