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From the very beginning, Académie Scientifique de Beauté has marked cosmetics history thanks to its power of innovation, its excellence, its unique and specific skincare approach thus showing that our company has always been willing to create proximity between the beautician and the consumer.

The Academy of Beauty Sciences

Education - Transmission - Energy - Sharing - Community

From its inception, the Scientific Academy of Beauty was built on the concept of disseminating knowledge, sharing insights, and education, all in the service of women and their Beauty. The Scientific Academy of Beauty's cosmetic treatments all share the same secret: they are derived from invaluable ingredients found in nature. Our flagship plants are the emblems of our natural skincare ranges, which make the products so unique.

Because we believe in transparency, we want to share with you our knowledge and expertise of over 130 years to guide you and give you the keys to beautiful, healthy skin. It's what has driven us since our inception. Introducing women to the best for their skin, reinventing skincare.

At the heart of Beauty Sciences

Research - Innovation - Knowledge - History

The history of Académie Scientifique de Beauté begins in 1890 on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. In his workshop, Dr. Alexandre Lamotte created innovative treatments with unique textures.

Our knowledge has allowed us to create a unique concept in cosmetics. A more responsible skincare approach that cares for the skin, thanks to our Eco-Biomimetic formulation technology, which also respects both people and the environment.

Its objective is to better preserve the skin's ecosystem while empowering it to adapt for improved deep-level effectiveness.

The ingredient selection

Identifying - Classifying - Cataloguing - Exploring

By exploring the world, our "beauty artisans" identify the finest natural cosmetic ingredients that go into our formulas. They catalogue all the properties of each ingredient to bring out the best of nature in our formulations.

Our highly concentrated ingredients are carefully measured to provide you with impeccable formulation quality.

The magic of formulations

Assembling - Creating - Enchanting

Nature is filled with ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. At Académie Scientifique de Beauté, we always prioritize environmentally friendly and skin-friendly ingredients of natural origin.

Our Research & Development Laboratory meticulously assembles each formula with one ultimate goal in mind: pleasure.

Académie Scientifique de Beauté draws its expertise from the richness of nature. Their active ingredients are extracted using the brand's cutting-edge expertise and techniques to fully harness the energy and effectiveness of nature for naturally healthier skin day after day.

The spirit of Académie des Sciences de la Beauté

Science - Precision - Ingredient - Radiance - Generosity

Académie Scientifique de Beauté is an adventure led by passionate individuals in the field of cosmetology, aiming to find the best possible balance between quality, naturalness, effectiveness, and sensoriality of our products.

We have envisioned a brand that disseminates knowledge, shares its expertise, and educates about a personalized beauty routine through the expertise of our ambassadors, the professionals from Beauty Institutes and Spas.

Find all our advice and products at the institute closest to you.