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Exfoliating Soap - with Apricot Extract, body wash


Daily body cleanser scrub bar.

Enriched with apricot oil and exfoliating apricot kernels, this foaming soap gently removes dead skin cells. Its formula contains sweet almond oil, shea butter and vegetable glycerin to moisturize, soften and illuminate the skin.

Scented with our iconic "apricot" fragrance, it leaves the skin with subtle, delicate gourmand and fruity notes. Powder obtained by grinding and sifting apricot kernel shells; the natural hardness of the grains effectively removes dead skin cells, restoring the skin's radiance while preparing it for the application of skincare products.

Beauty result

Skin is clean and soft.

Usage tips

On damp skin, rub the bar over the skin with light movements over the body, then rinse. 

For more sensitive skin, first rub the wet bar in your hands to release the exfoliating apricot granules. Then, on damp skin, rub the bar lightly over the body. Rinse off.

Avoid the face and eyes.



Featured ingredients


Has soft exfoliating properties that do not aggravate the epidermis. Restores radiance to the complexion.


Hydrates, soothes and leaves the skin silky.


Nourishes and softens.

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